Toxic waste
June 19 2019
Regardless of how secure your self-storage facility or how much coverage your insurance plan has, there are certain items that cannot be stored at a self-storage facility. We’ve compiled a list of everything that, if included in your storage locker, will put your storage items at risk.
Ask the right questions
May 17 2019
Before moving your items into a self-storage facility, be sure to ask the right questions, so your self-storage facility meets your needs.
April 16 2019
Discussing the sorts of questions and concerns you should focus on when deciding on a self-storage insurance plan.
Antique sewing machine
March 19 2019
Tips for storing antique furniture to last in your self-storage unit, and avoiding having to make claims on your self-storage insurance.
February 28 2019
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Storage Insurance is Security
February 20 2019
The added convenience of a mobile storage unit also adds an increased need for self-storage insurance.
Mobile Storage Units
January 23 2019
Discussing the advantages to mobile self-storage units over the standard, stationary storage unit found at storage facilities.